Get Spinal Reflex Therapy and feel better!

Good afternoon future clients and regular clients. Just a post to let you know there are appointments available for Spinal Reflex Therapy and Spinal Reflex Therapy with the laser. Spinal Reflex Therapy is a soft tissue protocol that addresses the most prevalent cause of muscle, nerve and joint dysfunction. You do not have to be in pain to receive Spinal Reflex therapy, but when we are done you will feel better than when you came in.

Solace Clinical Massage also does Trigger point work as well. Neck, shoulders, Range of motion issues as well. Solace Clinical Massage also uses a 45W cold laser to help with the reduction of inflammation and increases circulation. We use the laser in conjunction with Spinal Reflex Therapy.

So make your appointment today for this amazing modality and feel better . We look forward in seeing you.

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