November 2020 Updates

Good afternoon its Monday November 23 2020 already and a three more days before Thanksgiving. Yes, we are open after thanksgiving Friday and Saturday. Just wanted to let all of you know that Solace Clinical Massage LLC still have appointments available. Our office specializes in Spinal Reflex Therapy, which is a soft tissue protocol and also cold laser therapy in conjunction with spinal reflex therapy. Sachi our other therapist specializes in the same and also in Manual Lymphatic Drainage. So when you are ready to book go to and hit Book Now. Hope to see you all soon!!! My name is Sharon(owner/LMT).

Also required is a Mask, you will also need to fill out a waiver form at every appointment. Also your Temperature with be taken at every appointment before coming into the office We will also use a pulse oxsimmiter as well to check oxygen levels. If you think you have any of the Contraindications for COVID 19 Please stay home, cancel your appointment and call you doctor, also if you have been around anyone that has tested positive quarantine as well. The forms will be in the lobby on a table set up for you, the pens there are sanitized each day for your safety as well as the rooms after each client and the restrooms as well. The massage tables are sanitized between clients and there is also no waiting in the lobby. If you get here early for your appointment please wait outside or in your car for safety of clients finishing their appointment.

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