It’s Summer let’s get in and get yourself treated

Good afternoon clients and future clients, Happy Summer Yay!!!!

It’s that time of year where we start going on vacations with the family. Make sure you get in and get a tune-up. Life stresses will tighten your muscles and you will be wearing your shoulders as earrings, your low back will start to tighten. Make your appointment today and get relief before you go on vacation. There is nothing worse than having low back pain or shoulder pain and trying to relax on vacation. Here at Solace clinical massage I will get you fixed up and muscles loosened and make you feel like a million dollars.

So go to and hit book now for your appointment. My calendar is up to date. I will be out of the office from July 7-13-2024 for my vacation. Also you can also book with Dr Neema Moore DC our chiropractor that will get you going as well. Her link is here:

Hope to see everyone soon!!!

Updates for Solace Clinical Massage LLC

Good morning future clients and my regular clients. It has been a while since I posted on my website.

Solace Clinical Massage is still offering Spinal Reflex Therapy and Trigger point therapy. If you have back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain etc, come see us here at Solace. Remember you do not have to be in pain to see us. Muscles will get tight and sore just mowing the yard or just doing housework.

As most everyone knows I have been out with shoulder surgery and now I am back at the office. I am still doing physical therapy which coming along great.

Also remember you can book Dr Neema Moore DC for Chiropractic and book me too. Her link is at the beginning of the page. I look forward in meeting all our new clients. The combination of Chiropractic and Spinal Reflex Therapy works great together and I am one that gets it all the time as well as Dr Neema Moore DC.

You can go to find Solace Clinical Massage and set up an account which is totally free. Then you will find me and book.


Now it is time to care of you!!!

Today is the 17th of August and it is almost back to school time and families finishing up their vacations. Now it is time to take you of you!! Self care is so important especially during this time. Take time out to relax and breathe, read a book go for a walk and please stretch and drink water.

We just wanted to let everyone know that we have appointments available here at Solace. We specialize in Spinal Reflex Therapy which is a soft tissue protocol that addresses the most prevalent cause of muscle nerve and joint dysfunction. Sachi our other therapist specializes in the same but also specializes in Manual Lymphatic Drainage as well. Go to and hit Book now. This will require you to make a free account on massagebook. If you have any questions feel free to call me at (703)986-0429. Have a Awesome day.

Monthly Updates for Solace Clinical Massage LLC

Good Thursday morning, July 30 2020. Just wanted to touch base with future clients and regular clients that we still have appointments available. When booking online for the first time you need to fill out the intake form which there will be a link in your confirmation email.

Also required is a Mask, you will also need to fill out a waiver form at every appointment. Also your Temperature with be taken at every appointment before coming into the office. If you think you have any of the Contraindications for COVID 19 Please stay home, cancel your appointment and call you doctor. The forms will be in the lobby on a table set up for you, the pens there are sanitized each day for your safety as well as the rooms after each client and the restrooms as well. The massage tables are sanitized between clients and there is also no waiting in the lobby. If you get here early for your appointment please wait outside or in your car for safety of clients finishing their appointment.

Sharon and Sachi look forward in meeting you for the first time! Our therapist are Licensed by the Board of Nursing and have completed all necessary training to be a Board Certified Therapeutic Massage therapist. Our specialities here are Spinal Reflex Therapy(soft tissue protocol) Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue, Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Also Now offering Spinal Reflex Therapy with 45W Cold Laser.

If you have any question fill free to message me or give us a call at (703)986-0429,

Updates to Solace Clinical Massage LLC

Good morning future clients, family and friends. Solace Clinical Massage LLC re- opened on June 1 2020 will all precautions being addressed. When you enter the building there is a table in the lobby which requires you to fill out a waiver. You will have to fill the waiver out at each appointment. Sharon or Sachi, the therapist will be taking your temperature at that time and the required mask need to be worn upon entering. If you haven’t been feeling good for a few days or your temperature is 100.4 degrees or higher, please do not come. I myself and my husband have been tested 2 weeks ago and are negative for COVID19. We want to ensure everyone’s safety at this time. Solace specializes in Spinal Reflex Therapy which is a soft tissue protocol that addresses the root cause of back pain, sciatica, range of motion issues etc. We also have our therapist Sachi that also specializes in Manual Lymphatic drainage as well. We look forward in meeting you or seeing you again. If you have any questions for me explaining the services or any other question feel free to call me at (703)986-0429. Solace clinical massage also sanitizes between appointments and everything is wipe down this includes tables, headrest, bathrooms and door handles.