Testimonials from our Clients

This testimonial is from a fellow veteran she served as follow:

Camp lejune 2nd LAR Saudi Arabia and Kuwait Quantico Okinawa Japan, Quatar, Djibouti , and Camp Pendleton Ca.

Diagnosis of PTSD when and where: 1991 was my first experience shortly after returning from Gulf War. My temper was flared by the smallest of incidents, unable to sleep, felt like my brain was on constant alert mode, thoughts of suicide where prevalent as the feeling of hopelessness settled in. However, it was not documented as such and was written off as Post Part after birth of my first son in 1992. I then started having seizures which neurologically was listed as due to lack of sleep, however the seizures continued to two years and then stopped. After they stopped I now have severe migraines and vertigo. After each deployment I noticed that my thought process was obscured or unable to remember in order the events. I began to have “triggers”body flinches, anxiety and panic attacks. Walking into confined spaces or venues that were overly ground made me be on guard. Not wanting to enter into an area I constantly seek the exit routes when ever I enter an area, this became nearly an obsession when it came to parking my car to seating at a table. They did diagnosis with severe depression, hyperactivity, anxiety, OCD, Agoraphobia, and Claustrophobia. In 2000 when preparing for deployment in Camp Pendleton is when I was officially diagnosed with PTSD(Post Traumatic stress Disorder).

At any one time they treated me with all kinds of medication for depression, anxiety, seizures, and migraines. The medications only worked for about 6-12 months. Sometimes they would have me on 4-6 different drugs at one time.

My first session of Spinal Reflex Therapy was in the fall of 2011. The first I felt light headed but relaxed. Each time after that I was more energetic. less hyper and anxious as time passed. I saw Sharon nearly every two weeks. I began getting off medications to where by May of 2012 I was no longer on prescription meds but on herbal supplements. I trained for the Marine Corp Marathon and continued seeing Sharon every two weeks. After the Marathon I had nearly no muscle pain or aches as in previous years of running. After each treatment I am very relaxed, as if I feel taller, less edgy, feel free feeling and I slept well. I immediately feel a difference as I feel the muscles release and relax. She is always able to pin point the root of my pain and relieve. I currently have no pain, no headaches. The release I get from Spinal Reflex Therapy is incredible. By Dione 2013

Review from L.R from Alexandria Virginia

My husband and I came to Sharon with significant back pain after months of physical therapy that didn’t manage the problems.  

After the first visit, we both felt better for the first time in a year.  We came back a few more times over the next month and now see Sharon every few months for maintenance.

I can’t describe the feeling of relief after being in such pain and finally being able to move without pain.  

Sharon is a genius and we are customers for life.

If you’re in pain, give it a try.  You might just find that SRT works where nothing else has.